What’s in the Kitchen?

What's in the Kitchen?

My favorite ingredient du jour is Chia Seeds. They can be used to make anything from puddings, to smoothies to my fuel for long runs. They add Omega-3, protein, antioxidants and fiber to yogurt, oatmeal, baked goods, salads. Here’s my Chia Honey Lime water recipe, which is the only “fuel” I need when I run.

1/3 c honey

1/3 c. lime juice

1/4 c. chia seeds

Put in quart jar and fill with water. Shake. Shake. Shake. A lot. Until chia seeds no longer clump together. Taste test for more honey or lime. Let sit for an hour or so to let the chia seeds plump up. This stuff slides right down and not only provides protein, carbs for fuel but also hydrates, as the chia seeds hold on to the water and lets it slow-release in your body.


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5 Responses to What’s in the Kitchen?

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  3. Mirror of Health & Fashion says:

    This is interesting idea

    • gapark says:

      I actually couldn’t find the recipe when I wrote this so I put down what I remembered about the amounts. That’s why I suggested “taste testing.” Also, some people like sweet better than tart and the other way ’round! It’s kinda-sorta accurate…

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