Detox Series

garlic_lemon_honey-434x290It’s been mentioned to me that I seem to always have some new thing I am “into,” usually health or fitness related. Well, my next newest thing is a Candida Cleanse. When I hear about something from several different (unsolicited) sources in a short period of time, I take that as a nudge from the Powers That Be that I should be paying attention.  So when I received this in my inbox one day and this the next, I was intrigued.  Now, I’m not even sure I have this issue, but the 32.5 pound statistic caught my eye, so I thought I’d give it a try. My month-long regimen began February 1st and when my WordPress Reader Feed brought me the Detox Series from Hallie at Excuse Me While I Yogini, I saw it as a gift as I begin my adventure.

I’m curious…has anyone out there done a Candida Cleanse? What was your experience? What is YOUR newest “thing”?


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10 Responses to Detox Series

  1. dianatierney3 says:

    My newest thing is fermented foods. The fermented foods have a natural probiotic. It’s good for people like me who have a milk allergy and can’t do all the yogurts. As well I can make it myself and not have to spend the money on the processed stuff

    • gapark says:

      What types of things do you made? Sauerkraut? Kimchi? Those are the only two I can think of…

      • dianatierney3 says:

        Instead of sauerkraut I did fermented brussel sprouts. I just made my first batch of kimchi and am working up the courage to actually eat it 🙂 outside of that I a have done kefir and kombucha which I love but a, too intimidated to make

      • gapark says:

        I’ve been buying a Kombucha with chia seeds in it that I really like. I had never thought about actually making it myself. Is it difficult?

      • dianatierney3 says:

        I have been told that it’s not but it looks a bit complicated to me

  2. knace says:

    Like several other people I work with, I have started taking a probiotic. It does seem to have regulated me, I still feel pretty draggy though. I’m also thinking of taking enzymes.
    Are you feeling any different since you started your detox?

  3. gapark says:

    I haven’t felt very different but the first 10 days was a “pre-cleanse.” only 1st day of the cleanse today. Because I had cut out sugar, dairy and gluten in January, I didn’t feel this was such a huge change. I’ll see over the course of the next few days…

  4. knace says:

    I know I would feel better if I cut out all those things….I find it so difficult, though. Does your hubby do this too? I always get so much push back when I try to cut out things like sugar and then I’m tempted when people are eating grilled cheese sandwiches etc. and I’m just having a salad.
    Do keep us posted!

  5. esxcusemewhileiyogini says:

    Hope your month-long regimen is going well, Gail. Thank you for including my post 🙂 I also make kimchi, fermented garlic, and sauerkraut at home. A lot of step by step recipes can be found online. I have attempted kombucha before because I love it and buy it a lot, but I feel like I did not have the right conditions for it (temperature, humidity, etc) so the “mother” was not growing well. Best of luck!

    • gapark says:

      Ya, I think kombucha is out of my league. I’m in the last 1/3–post cleanse period, adding probiotics. I’m not sure how affective the actually cleanse was, as I was not eating too poorly prior, but I feel empowered not to go back to eating sugar or empty carbs again. Didn’t lose the mega-weight I thought I would either, but I know that is a slow process and I am feeling good.

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