Windows of Heaven

Windows of Heaven


I opened the door to see my daughter holding a bottle of turmeric she’d borrowed and a $5.00 bill, which she had owed me. She was feeling proud of herself for “paying her debts.” She came in and I had her taste the smoothie I’d just made, which she enjoyed and said her son, in the car would also love some, so I poured out a cup for my favorite 5-year-old grandson as well.

And could she have the recipe to make for her hubby tomorrow? Sure.

And some of the ingredients for it that she didn’t have at home? Of course! (Avocado, berries, coconut milk, apple….she had spinach…)

She loaded up, also taking the library books I’d brought home from work for her.

A few minutes later, I got a phone call from her. She’d had an epiphany–I was a “type” of her Heavenly Father. We go to Him with our meager offerings (10% tithing) and service (returning to Him what is actually His to begin with) and He does immediately bless us with more blessings than we can have room for! Here she was feeling good about giving me my $5.00 and she went home with more than $20 worth of groceries!

Doesn’t it make you smile when your offspring “get it?”

We’ve had a lovely morning texting back and forth with a few phone conversations thrown in as she drove to her various errands and appointments today. It was another “aha!” moment for her as she mused it was like having me in the car with her all morning…wait! That is like when we are admonished to “pray always!” So we can feel like our Heavenly Father is right beside us in our daily walk. He is just a call (to prayer) away.

Got the photo from Kay and Bear’s Blessing Blog, here.


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5 Responses to Windows of Heaven

  1. It is a blessing when our kids respond in faith.

  2. timelesslady says:

    Wow! I love that epiphany your daughter had…and thanks so much for sharing it.

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