Austen for Infants

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A lovely serendipitous find–we are short-staffed here at the library so I was out in the stacks shelving and came upon this marvel! Pride & Prejudice in a board book! Sweetly sums up the entire story in a dozen pages, one word to a page, accompanied by darling photos of felt characters.

Here’s the synopsis:

Friends. Sisters. Dance. Mean. Sick. Muddy. Yes? No! Write. Read. Walk. Marry.

There’s also a Jane Eyre (which I have also checked out. I just need to find a toddler to read it with me!).

The awesome thing about this is, if read to a child by someone who loves these stories, the emotion and enthusiasm will carry through and that child will “get it” that books and reading are cool.

Very cool.

What’s your favorite book to read aloud to a child?


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3 Responses to Austen for Infants

  1. knace says:

    Wow!! I would love to check these out. I was curious how they would deal with some of the grim subject matter of Jane Eyre. We spent three years living in North Yorkshire and it is one of my regrets that I never went to see the Bronte home at Haworth. I took a class in Yorkshire history when I lived there and the instructor was a Bronte fan and she said their home seemed gloomy and bleak and she could well understand why they wrote these dark stories. I don’t know, form the photos I’ve seen it doesn’t look too bad to me. =)
    And, A.A. Milne’s poetry was read to me as a child and I enjoyed reading it to my son too. One of his favorites was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

    • gapark says:

      I agree about the house. The more gothic and brooding the better. I’d maybe stay in one on holiday at least …I love A. A. Milne but prefer the classic illustrations to the modern disney ones.

  2. Brilliant! That would be my choice at the library too. 🙂

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