The Big 1-2

The Old Mill Restaurant

The Old Mill Restaurant

It all started when I went to a fair and got my fortune from a gypsy fortune-telling machine for a quarter. The fortune said, “The onyx stone is your lucky stone.” So, I had to have one! I badgered my parents for months and they kept telling me, no, it was too expensive a ring for an 11-year-old…

For my 12th birthday I got to take one friend with our family to eat in the fanciest restaurant in our area–The Old Mill Restaurant in Westminster, Massachusetts. The waitress had served us our water, and then I had to use the restroom. When I returned, I saw something down in the bottom of my water-glass. It was a ring! My first thought was that the waitress had accidentally dropped it when she brought it to me. Then I saw that it was an onyx ring and I was sooo excited! It was beautiful!

I guess age 12 is old enough for special things like an onyx ring. I certainly felt lucky!

Whenever we travel back to New England, we have to make a stop at the Old Mill, to enjoy their corn fritters and other regional favorites; and also to relive the memories of special family events.



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8 Responses to The Big 1-2

  1. pkettunen says:

    I read this to my daughter and she said: “Well, that was a feel-good-story”.

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