Ugly Pie by Lisa Williams

Ugly Pie by Lisa Wheeler

Having a “Yes!” Day

Re-blogging this from Christie Elkins at Letters From the Nest.

So glad I read this today so I could read it “guilt-free!” Last night we had 4 of the grands over for dinner. After we ate I read them the picture book, Ugly Pie, by Lisa Wheeler. On the end page is a recipe for the Ugly Pie that Bear makes. We got to that page and the kids all cried out, “Oh! Can we make that, Gramma?!” and my answer was…, “Yes!” So we hurried into the kitchen, 2 sets of hands helped mix the flour, peel the Granny Smiths (It was meant to be, as I actually had 6 of the “right” kind of apples on hand!) measure and mix and roll…while one read the recipe to us. The finished product (pre-baking) went home with them to cook and enjoy. Saying, “Yes!” is way more fun than saying, “No!”

5-yr-old Chase this morning: "Why is it called Yucky Bucky pie? It doesn't taste Yucky Bucky!"

5-yr-old Chase this morning: “Why is it called Yucky Bucky pie? It doesn’t taste Yucky Bucky!”


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