Thankful for 10 Things

Thankful for 10 Things

Purple Heather

1. Workday walk to the post office got me out in the scarce sunshine. Energized!
2. Smell of fresh-cut grass; another sign of Spring!
3. Flowers blooming! Extraordinary purple heather.
4. Success in hiring a new employee.
5. Uplifting visit with my sisters.
6. Kids arrived home safely after their 8-hr drive.
7. An instructor was a no-show for our training meeting but the “on-the-fly” sharing session that ensued was possibly more worthwhile.
8. Sore muscles! Results of buckling down and getting back into the routine of weight training and running.
9. Gifts of the Spirit–sharing uplifting words of faith and testimony.
10 A yummy new Smoothie recipe!

[2 cups frozen organic blueberries, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 cup milk (I use coconut/almond/or oat milk)].

This post is part of an ever-growing movement called the Ten Things of Thankful. Click those words or the meme below to join in and spread the thankfulness for this week.

Ten Things of Thankful


About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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19 Responses to Thankful for 10 Things

  1. timelesslady says:

    I enjoyed your list of 10 things…have a blessed day!

  2. Sammy D. says:

    #2 I sneeze and enjoy, but the smell takes me back to childhood. I loved cutting grass then as one of my chores.

    # 8 i know what you mean! I’ll keep working out if you do.

    This week I am especially thankful for the many bloggers I met during the A to Z bloghop and the two months since I started blogging. You are all a talented, friendly and supportive community.

    • gapark says:

      Deal! What do you do for exercise? My daughter has a hard time making time for exercise. She has 4 kids, the youngest only 1 year old and she is still fighting the “baby” fat. I just gave her a kettlebell and showed her a few exercises with that. What a complete and self-contained workout! That’s actually what has given me the sore muscles today!

      • Sammy D. says:

        Oh I’ve been a real slacker for a couple months; ususlly very disciplined about workouts. In einter I do weights and elliptical machines & play pickleball. Summertime biking and golf. I csn’t use kettlebslls – too many injuries have forced me to do more pilates, yoga and stretching and not stress my joints. Good for you for being sble to use thrm. That’s so hard for moms with young kids – impossible to find time and rnergy at the same time!! I hope your daughter isn’t yoo hard in herself.

  3. Aditi says:

    The flowers look beautiful! 🙂 And the smoothie recipe sounds yum…will try it!

  4. Joyce says:

    It’s great to have a lot to be thankful for, and even greater to recognize these.

  5. Sandy Ramsey says:

    Oh my goodness! The heather is beautiful! I am such a sucker for flowers in bloom 🙂 My daughter loves making smoothies for us in the morning so I will be passing your recipe on…sounds delicious.
    Have a great week ahead!

  6. christine says:

    While on vacation this week, I smelled cut grass for the first time. I have always enjoyed that aroma, but I was ridiculously excited to smell it this week. Winter is finally coming to a close!
    Good for you, getting in the weight training. It is so good for you!
    Glad you were able to have some uplifting conversations this week. They are always a blessing.

  7. lrconsiderer says:

    Simple, but beautiful, especially with that gorgeous pic of the heather – WOW! The colour in that is incredible 🙂 You must live in a beautiful place.

    • gapark says:

      The photo angle makes it look like a field of heather, when it is actually just a small clump.. But thank you, and I agree–it was the amazing color that caught my eye and camera lens!

  8. That smoothie sounds very yummy, and even imagining the smell of cut grass puts a smile on my face

    • gapark says:

      Ah! the simple pleasures in life are the best! Now, to be sipping that blueberry smoothie in a hammock out in the sun overlooking the fresh-cut grass….? Perfection!

  9. First, let me say that I read your “about” as “genealogist, librarian, traveler, runner, grandma, MORON” and thought “She isn’t a moron at all! She’s a wonderful story teller!” My bad!

    Great list. Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring! FINALLY! And the smoothie sounds delish. Can’t wait for fresh blueberries to be in season; my freezer supply is getting low.

    • gapark says:

      Hahaha! It’s a common mistake! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I agree the fresh blueberries (we have a nearby farm where we take the grandkids to pick them off the bush) are highly anticipated here as well.

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