Whether you call them “God-incidences” as Nancy does here, or my own “God-winks,” they are marvelous evidence of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us better than we know us and gives us all good gifts. Enjoy!

From the Inside Out

“I just got a call from Mary, “ Frieda began.  “And you are not going to believe this.”

Frieda was the chairperson for the parsonage committee of our church.  The congregation had just purchased a newer home for their clergy family (Us!), one that was closer to the church.

Some new furniture would also be required.   (Back then, parsonages were supposed to be furnished, too.)  Frieda  had called to tell me about an interesting development.

She had just happened to mention to Mary, our choir director, that the committee was shopping for parsonage furniture. Mary had said, “Well, I’ve got a whole storage unit full of furniture, and I need to sell it!”

“ What do you have?” Frieda asked.


The more items Mary listed, the more excited Frieda became:  A dining room table and four chairs, a matching buffet, a bedroom set, a curio cabinet —just happened to…

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