A-Z Challenge Plus/Delta


This was my first A-Z Challenge. I had all my posts written by the end of March so the actually month of April I could spend my time blog-hopping, commenting on blogs and responding to comments on my blog.

I got lots of traffic and nice comments and feedback from fellow A-Zers and even some visits from folks not involved in the challenge. Awesome! I really tried to respond to each comment and was (mostly) successful.

I visited some wonderful bloggers and picked up quite a few blogs to follow long-term.

Through the theme I chose, I was motivated to write down some fun family stories that have been floating around mostly as oral traditions and get them circulated through my family. Even unearthed some previously unknown photos to share!


The number of participants was overwhelming! I started with my own blog on the sign up and began to visit those coming after me, at least five per day. I came across several who started but didn’t carry on, and that was a bit frustrating, and some where the link didn’t even work or went to a site that wasn’t participating after all. I know the facilitators tried to visit and delete these empty sites, and I’m sure they felt overwhelmed as well.

Some bloggers attempted posts that were way too long for this sort of challenge. It was daunting enough to visit so many sites, but more difficult when posts where extremely long. I guess everyone has a different definition of what “short” means. Maybe a word limit next time?

It would be nice next time to have some indication of whether a blog was a WordPress blog or on Blogger, or something entirely different. It was a challenge sometimes to figure out the best way to follow, comment, etc on blogs that weren’t the same format as mine.

I thought I was on top of things by pre-writing and scheduling out the posts early on, but I did spent way more time involved in the challenge in other ways than just writing posts, and I am actually feeling like I need a bit of an hiatus now for awhile. Let me catch my breath and I’ll see you in awhile!





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15 Responses to A-Z Challenge Plus/Delta

  1. vernette says:

    You’ve inspired me to try this challenge. See you when you catch your breath Gail.

  2. Sammy D. says:

    See you when you re-energize, Gail! I’ve been in a bit if a fog myself.

  3. anneyoungau says:

    I think I am too exhausted even to put my thoughts together but I endorse yours 🙂 . I found a couple of blogs that I was following dropped out. I don’t know that I found any particularly too long. I would have liked a category for family history to help me to find those that i was interested. I enjoyed getting to know your blog through the challenge.

    • gapark says:

      I almost made the suggestion of “groupings by categories or themes” but thought that would be pushing it. In a perfect world maybe but a lot of work for the organizers. They made a reasonable attempt with the 2-letter codes, which I forgot to even attach to mine!

  4. Believe me, we were frustrated as well trying to keep up with the list and eliminating those who weren’t participating.
    We did send out an email with a suggested word count of 300 words maximum. People just chose to ignore it.
    Otherwise, glad you had fun!

  5. elizabeth says:

    Sounds exhausting. Was it fun?

  6. melinda says:

    I’m one of the guilty ones. This was my first A-Z too and I was completely pantsing it day by day, having only heard about it the day before it began. I did make it all the way through, but I didn’t know the protocol, and I never received an email about a word count maximum. Most of my posts were in the 700 word range, so I apologize. Funny–the couple of times I wrote a short post it felt like I was cheating.

  7. Congrats on getting through your first challenge.

  8. Heyjude says:

    I think you have said everything I thought too about the challenge. I pre-wrote most of my posts and they were photographic with just a few descriptive words, so I figured I’d have time to blog hop. Many were too long to read (if you are going to visit 5 new ones a day) some not my cup-of-tea and others frustrating to leave a comment on. And if you did, no way of knowing if the comment had been replied to if it wasn’t a WP blog. I did take time to highlight blogs I thought would interest me, but then some dropped out as you said and the numbers changed so I got a little lost. Also travelling interfered as I had a poor connection for half the time!

    I’d hoped to connect with more people who post about gardens and flowers, but no such luck. Maybe the categories could be better defined next time and enforced? And I like your idea of stating which platform you are using.

    Jude (An A to Z Survivor) xx

    • gapark says:

      thanks! It’s always nice to get validation like this! I felt a bit bad about my “too long” comment. Didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…Congrats on surviving, as well!

      • Heyjude says:

        I think in something like this a post needs to be concise, but saying that I don’t recall any email stating the ideal length of a post.

      • gapark says:

        Alex Cavanaugh, one of the facilitators, commented on my plus/delta, saying, “Believe me, we were frustrated as well trying to keep up with the list and eliminating those who weren’t participating.
        We did send out an email with a suggested word count of 300 words maximum. People just chose to ignore it.”

  9. sandy says:

    What is meant by short…lol, the first year I did the challenge I really worked ahead of time writing quality posts that took time and research, to find out after the fact people don’t really want much of that, that want a quick hello here for a-z. That was disappointing to me. Though I did try this year to make posts a bit shorter, some topics are hard to do that. And until I read the above comment from Alex Cavannaugh, hadn’t ever noticed a suggested word count. This was year two for me. My biggest hurdle and source of frustration though were the people with comments blocked, you read a nice long post and had something to say in return…then you find out comments were blocked (ah only wanting traffic with no thought of returning a visit), and or you had to join something to leave a comment……again you find out after you’ve given them traffic… ERRRRRRRRRR And like Heyjude, I don’t recall said email either year.

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