House on fire!

Quick! The house is on fire! Grab….

This is a great wake-up call and reminder to re-assess our emergency grab bag. We each have a backpack filled with 72-hr emergency supplies, including a change of clothes, MREs (Meals-Ready-T0-Eat, in military lingo), water, toiletries. But we haven’t check it in….way too long. That being said, my five items would be:

1. Emergency backpack

2. laptop (contains photos, music, etc.) and/or the backup disc.

3. Box of DoTerra oils. Over the past three years I’ve amassed hundreds of dollars worth of oils, and in a case of this magnitude, I’m sure to want my Serenity Blend, as well as those for physical healing (Past Tense for headaches, lavender for burns…)

4. Cell phone

5. Purse (I actually hate writing that word. In New England we call it a “pocketbook.”)

This of, course, is an ideal situation with time enough to linger and retrieve these items. In reality I’d probably just grab the cell phone off my nightstand and run.

Today on my to-do list:

* put slip-on shoes under my bed

* put out a change of clothes on the chair by my bed every evening

* update that 72 hr. backpack and put it in the car.

Emergency supplies

Emergency supplies


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4 Responses to House on fire!

  1. Your five items are more pragmatic than my own. Looks to me like I need to review the contents of my emergency kit. 😉

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