House I Never Lived In



When I was about 12 years old my family moved to a neighboring town from where I had grown up. In the house-hunting phase, I still remember with clarity one of the houses we didn’t buy. It was at the top of a hill, surrounded by fields and had huge windows in the living room to take full advantage of the view. But the feature that stands out the most in my memory was a spiral staircase that went from the living room to the upstairs bedrooms. Oh, how fun it would be to live in such a house and use such a staircase every day! But, alas, our offer was not accepted and we ended up someplace else, where I was able to own a horse and have an idyllic childhood of a different nature, and what might have been probably could never compare to what did.


What does your “dream house” look like?

Idyllic Childhood

Idyllic Childhood

Day 8 of the A-Z Challenge!


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15 Responses to House I Never Lived In

  1. Richard Park says:

    My dream house is any place with you in it. 🙂

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Oh, gosh? How am I supposed to follow that?! =)

    I guess my favorite home is right here. It’s messier than I might prefer, but it’s also filled with light and love, learning and laughter.

    We’re planning a cross-country move, from upstate NY to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Our early steps include a massive decluttering – and I’m cherishing this little, battered house that helped us grow our children from infancy to the ages of 13.5 and almost eleven.

    In a few years, these big kids will be gone. Life will be neater, quieter, and a lot less – well – lively.

    So I’m embracing it all, even the kid-mess, because it goes with these kids and their growing – and that I wouldn’t trade – nope, not even for a spiral staircase or a horse. =)

    I love looking at spiral staircases, but using them tends to make me a little dizzy.

    • gapark says:

      We moved from Upstate NY to the Pacific Northwest 10 years ago! Sometimes I miss our old 1860 farmhouse but sure don’t miss the winters

      • shanjeniah says:

        It was quite a winter. Fortunately, we escaped for ten days in February. My good fortune to marry me an Oregon boy! I know I’ll miss some of the fall colors, and this little house that’s been home for most of our childrens’ lives, on the same road I grew up on.

        But Oregon is lovely, too!

  3. G Angela says:

    My childhood home was just two rooms; and nine of us children plus my grandmother and parents lived for almost till I was teenager, later we moved to place which had 4 rooms. I always longed for a private space of my own. Today I am married and live in double bedroom flat…my dream still is to create a private space, where I will have all my collections of books, a neat furniture, laptop and a small mat for meditation with a background music.. thanks for sharing, you made me re think about my house..

    • gapark says:

      Sometimes a private place has to only be in our own heads. I am very fortunate now to have a room for exercise and painting, and a lovely backyard bench for meditation in my little garden. Thanks for stopping by

  4. betty says:

    That would be cool with a spiral stair case like that (except now I’m not sure with my knees, LOL). My dream home I think would be close to a house we rented a few years ago; about 1200 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, but just really well put together, lots of storage, nice fenced yard that had a great view 🙂


  5. Ula says:

    Mine is in the jungles of Costa Rica, surrounded by nature and sounds of the jungle. Lots of flowers, coconut and mango trees.
    I have a spiral staircase going up to my office and I have to say they’re overrated. It’s a logistic nightmare to get furniture in there. They are visually appealing though.

    • gapark says:

      haha. When you are twelve years old you don’t think about the logistics of moving furniture in! Maybe that is why we didn’t buy that house! I almost went to Costa Rica once….maybe someday.

  6. Stephen Tremp says:

    My dream house is on the beach. That’s about it. I don;t need a large house with servants. Just the warm sand and surf outside my door.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    Twitter: @StephenTremp

  7. gapark says:

    After I read Gift From The Sea I dreamed about living in a cottage by the sea. It’s very calming to be near the ocean and just listen to the sounds of the surf.

  8. Marcy says:

    My dear husband is in the floor covering business, and we’ve loved looking at floor plans of the new homes he’s worked in over the years. I’ve always wanted a front porch, preferably a wrap around porch, but don’t miss the upkeep I’m sure it would involve. We’re grateful for the home that we do have, where our children have grown and now come back to visit.

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