One of a kind



In our travels while in the military, we thought we wanted to collect wood carvings. At a street fair in Innsbruck, Austria, we came across a vendor with a lovely carving of a woodcutter. Perfect! It was the only one like it on the table and in excellent English the salesman assured us it was “one-of-a-kind; hand-carved.” We bought it, happy with our find, and meandered around the square a bit, returning the way we came about ½ hour later. There, we discovered another one-of-a-kind woodcarving exactly like the unique specimen we’d just bought, at the same booth. On closer inspection we could see that not only was it mass-produced, but it wasn’t even made of wood…Caveat emptor!

Have you ever experienced “buyer’s remorse”?


 Day 15 of the A-Z Challenge!

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7 Responses to One of a kind

  1. rolandclarke says:

    Never had that kind of remorse, but I have regretted a few purchases that where not of the quality claimed. Thanks for visiting my site – returning the visit to tread some other territory.

  2. Oh no! How disappointing!! I would have been so disappointed to find that it wasn’t unique.

  3. betty says:

    Interesting that the salesmen didnt’ think you would find the exact same thing as you toured the area. I think sometimes buying clothes in the past I would have buyer’s remorse. Maybe didn’t need to have all that I had bought at the time.


  4. Visiting from a-z. I guess I would feel that there was something about the piece that attracted me to it. I liked it and that’s why I bought it. But I can understand the feeling of being “taken”.

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