It was day three in Rome and my daughter and I were feeling pretty good with our attempts to use public transportation and find our way to various sites. We were walking down a street and were suddenly approached by a tourist asking if we spoke English and wanting to know directions to some nearby landmark. As it happened, we actually did know where it was and gladly provided directions. What a rush! Our first trip to Italy, our rudimentary grasp of the language, and yet we were mistaken for natives! Meraviglioso!

Ever felt “at home” away from home?



Day 17 of the A-Z Challenge!


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8 Responses to Question

  1. Ula says:

    The first time I went to Prague I felt like I’d been there many times before. Strangely, I even intuitively manoeuvred my way around without getting lost.

  2. alberta says:

    what a buzz:) visiting from – hoping you are enjoying your a-zing:)

  3. betty says:

    How neat to be of help like that 🙂 Bet it made your day!


  4. modhukori says:

    Hi Gail, i see that you have question too 🙂 i like the part about looking like a local 🙂 its a question i used to teasingly ask my daughter when we visited places, ‘do you think we look like locals as yet?’every time we’d feel gawky and uncertain 🙂

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