Unpolished nails, or Who do you think you are?



Back in high school, my best friend and cousin, Shelley chose me as her subject for an English essay. She read the essay to me and I was struck by how well she described me. Although I don’t remember much of what she wrote, one phrase has stayed with me all these years–it is the phrase that also made an impression at the time: “her unpolished nails…” said in a way that defined me as someone who didn’t follow the current fad of wildly colored nail polish and in fact, someone who was more “earthy” and “real.” After reading that, even though I hadn’t wanted to use nail polish, I felt like I couldn’t, because “that’s not who I was…”


All these years later I still don’t go in for makeup or nail polish, I don’t color my gray. Mostly I say it’s because I am too lazy, but there is a part of me that is what Shelley said I was–what you see is what you get!


Do you let others define you? Do you follow trends and fads? Or do you have a style of your own?

Natural Woman

Natural Woman

Day 21 of the A-Z Challenge!



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4 Responses to Unpolished nails, or Who do you think you are?

  1. Maybe it is in our genes. Two of your three daughters have remained unpolished and “no maintenance.” Not that one way is better than that other, but I think nature and nurture both play a big part in it. If the mama isn’t fancy and doesn’t set that precedent, or teach the skills to doll up, it is less likely that the child will become so. Way to go Vanessa for overcoming the trend and genes and becoming a self taught fancy woman!

  2. Ula says:

    I’m all for being natural. I don’t feel good in make-up – feels like a mask. I rarely paint my nails, I prefer them natural and it is more practical. I also don’t like heels and prefer jeans and t-shirt for most occasions I can get away with it. When I do get “fancy” I do it for myself because the mood strikes me. Sometimes I like to put on a fuchsia lip just for the fun of it.

  3. Nail polish is not for me either. I like my nails cut and neat, and at times wonder how girls (including my daughter) manage to maintain long polished nails. I don’t mind colouring my hair though and wearing some lipstick while stepping out. Thank for visiting Life11.

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