My Honey’s life has always been much more stressful than mine, whether it was his military career vs. my stay-at-home-mom world, or our most recent jobs working for a library system–he in HR and me as a library manager (“Oh! you work in a library! Cool…it must be nice to be able to read all day…”) This is compounded by the fact that he is “type A” and I am a “type B” personality. So I’m helping him with coping skills. This is a Visual Trigger for de-escalating emotions. Our 5-year-old granddaughter has memorized the song, “Let It Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen. Viewing this picture, he can visual her belting out, “let it go…let it go…” which, I tell him, is my mantra when I am confronted with a stressful situation.


How do you deal with stress?

"Let it go!!"

“Let it go!!”

Day 22 of the A-Z Challenge!


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6 Responses to Visual

  1. stephen tremp says:

    Sometimes I let out a yell as loud and long as I can. I do this in the car. It really works!

  2. My poor husband always gets the short end of the work stick too. He has to climb industrial towers and fix them. I write. I could complain about my butt getting sore from sitting so long, but that doesn’t seem to compare to him spending a day in the cold and rain.

    I need to learn the words to that song! What a wise way to defrag.

  3. I used to use an image of a duck. In the rain, the water hits the duck and runs off it’s feathers. Duck stays warm and dry underneath. I’d breathe, “I’m a duck,..just like a duck…this is rolling off”
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