Making Connections

Since this blog was initially dedicated to the synchronicities or coincidences in my life (I call them “God-winks”), I’ll share a few we’ve experienced on our journey to England thus far.

We took the Shuttle from the Salt Lake City airport to the Mission Training Center in Provo, which was about an hour’s drive. We were the only passengers and our driver happened to be a British expat who, when he learned our mission assignment, spent the whole drive filling us in on what to say/not say to a Brit (don’t make comparisons to the U.S.A., ie., “Your refrigerators/stoves/cars/etc. are so much smaller than the ones we have in America…”); the best sweets to get in Britain (Thornton’s Toffee; anything by Mars or Cadbury); the way to find the best fish and chips (NOT at a pub! There is actually an annual contest to locate the best fish and chips shop by region. Here’s the list. Looks like we’ll be taking an excursion to Milton Keynes for a visit to Broughton’s Fish and Chips); and how to find the best curry (There’s actually an annual publication called the Good Curry Guide. Brits take their Tikki Masala very seriously).

Everywhere we go, we find people with some connection to us. Most know someone who was/is serving in England. Others wish they were going to England…Today we walked down to the BYU Creamery and were served our Coconut Joy and Bishop’s Bash scoops of ice cream by Julie A, from Olympia, WA. We compared notes and discovered people we knew in common. Mormondom is such a small world.


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