Making Discoveries

Here’s an update to an earlier post.


After checking with the landlord, we learned that there is weekly pickup of green waste. We had overlooked these cute little bins outside, (which from the looks of them, had never been used before by previous tenants) meant for our food waste. We’ve cleaned the very little one up and tucked it under the sink for easy access.

Bought some clothesline and pins, established a clothesline in the backyard, and now it’s done nothing but rain….but we are ready for the next breezy/sunny day!

After preparing a few “Sunday roast”-type meals, I felt I needed to obtain a gravy boat. A ward member told me the little second-hand bric-a-brac shop next door to us actually had loads of dishes, tea cups, etc., so I walked over to have a look. The side building contained loads of stuff and after gingerly rummaging around (cups with dead bees in them and one with a live spider!) I found a perfect gravy boat for “only two quid”! The proprietor also had a lovely chocolate lab in the yard, which she (jokingly, I hope) said I could also have for two quid. I was sorely tempted.


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