Learning new things

Our dangerous daily departure driveway

Our dangerous daily departure driveway

Creep and Peep: This is what we do when we leave our driveway each time–edge out slowly, creeping/inching our way as we look one way then another for that sudden rush of a vehicle going 70 mph on our small barely-wide-enough-for two-cars lane. It’s the same process entering any road, where more than likely there are hedges blocking one’s view of the road.

Lemonade is Sprite: okay, I’m a slow learner–twice now I’ve asked for “lemonade” in a restaurant and have been given Sprite. I’m now sticking with water.

Women never wear the pants in a family: because “pants” is the word for “men’s underwear.” Women wear trousers. Yep. I made that mistake once in a conversation with a British woman and was quickly corrected.

We are in a protective bubble:  a) I am the navigator; the eyes-on-the-road for sudden dangers. So it was my fault when I said, “all clear” as Rich backed up…and hit a pole. BAM! CRUNCH! I truly didn’t see it, but the damage was done…or was it?? We got out to assess and saw that the pole was now leaning a bit away, but there was not a scratch on the car! Miracle! and…b) I noted the rear tyre (yes, I spelled it correctly) looked soft, but Rich said he’d just checked them and they were fine, so…off we went to London, 2+ hours away. There and back again, and we checked the tyre pressure when next on base: 9 pounds of pressure in that tyre! We filled it up, drove it home, and it was already down again. Luckily we have a garage next door and Braun found a nail in the tyre, which must have been there 3 days ago before we headed to London, yet it held for all that driving until we could get back home and get it fixed. Miracle!


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2 Responses to Learning new things

  1. Gotta love learning g a new culture. It’s the little things. Good Thing God is on your side as indicated by miracle tyre.

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