Things that make me…

Traffic flowing smoothly!

Traffic flowing smoothly!


Every day as we head out in the car, there will be a new spider web attached to both side mirrors. No matter if you wipe them off or flush them out with the hose, there are two new webs the next morning.  We’ve discussed this anomaly with several other people and they all experience the same phenomenon.


Turned the front porch light off when we got home and stood in the driveway looking up at the “billions and billions of stars!” So many more seem visible here than back home. I sometimes complain about the lack of streetlights on these rural roads, but this is definitely the upside of that. It was beautiful.


Following the Garmin today along a rural farm road, we are the only car to be seen for miles…and suddenly (and for the first time!) Ms. Garmin blurts out, “Traffic is flowing smoothly on your route.” Yep. Got that one right.


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