Yankee Ingenuity

I wanted to check out the little artsy knick-knack store down the road for a table-top Christmas tree, as the large one in the shed out back is too big to fit anywhere in this house; I can’t imagine where our predecessors put it. We drove the 15 minutes over there but no luck. I knew what I wanted–a miniature version of the one at home in my living room…

Home once again, my eyes fell on the two wooden canes by the front door (also left by our predecessors…)…With a few of the branches from the tree in the shed, I could put together an acceptable table-top tree…

Three hours later and my efforts were rewarded with the perfect little tree. I wedged the “trunk” into the basketweave of a small child’s table and tucked in 4 linen napkins around the base. Then the string of colored lights completed the picture. Maybe a few more decorations later on, some sort of angel for the top, but for now it is sweet. My companion and I then strung the white lights around the front picture window and we are officially festively decorated for Christmas!



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4 Responses to Yankee Ingenuity

  1. Precious! I am glad you are being festive.

  2. auntyuta says:

    Great effort, and very ingenious. Enjoy!

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