Day in the life



Today we started with no appointments, and no plan, so sat down together and prayerfully started making a few phone calls. This is how things shaped up:

  • Visit to Sister A (who is due with #4 in two weeks). We stayed an hour and helped her with FamilySearch questions, and happily consented to be on her call list if Baby arrives in the middle of the night or when others are unavailable to help.
  • Visited Sister B, who was in the middle of a cupboard reorganization project, so we did the heavy lifting and completed that project. She invited us back in a couple hours for lunch.
  • After picking up more windshield wiper fluid, we visited Sister C.  Elder Park topped off her car, and I visited with her toddler as he ate (played with) his lunch. We learned of her desire to do more with FamilySearch, so Elder Park volunteered my services again for a return visit next week. We were rewarded with an invitation to accompany her to her appointment to learn the gender of child #4, due the same month her husband returns from his 6-month deployment. (“It’s more fun if you have someone to share the news with other than a 2-year-old!” She said.)
  • We picked up Sister B as she finished with her appointment and drove her home, and was re-extended the invitation to lunch, which we gladly accepted. We noticed the previously cleaned off counter from the earlier project was once again piled high with items…this time from her pantry. Project #2 was underway, so we jumped in to assist. Two and a half hours later it was an amazing transformation: a place for everything and everything in its place.

As her family arrived home from their busy day, and oohed and aahed over the newly organized areas, we said our good-byes and made our way home, with tired muscles but warm hearts at being able to be of service another day.


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