Six Degrees

Had a Synchronicity of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” variety this week…

As we arrived at the Ward fundraiser dinner, we didn’t see any of the military families we wanted to visit with, so sat next to a British couple we didn’t know. As the wife and I got talking, she asked where we traveled as missionaries and when I mentioned the C. Ward she said she used to live in that Stake, growing up in the I. Ward. I remembered that was the ward that some friends of ours had been in and I asked her if she knew them. Her eyes grew wide and she exclaimed, “She was my Young Women’s President when I was a Beehive! [age 14]” She said there are only two women in the church that she holds up as personal role models and this woman is one of them. She said they had corresponded for a while but then lost touch over the years…I gave her their contact info.

Then she told me another irony–she is to give a talk this Sunday in Sacrament meeting on “the 6 degrees of separation,” as it related to family history; how we are all connected in some way.


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1 Response to Six Degrees

  1. Miss Andi says:

    That’s some coincidence lol.

    I’ve shared your blog with a liebster award, hope you’ll like the company and accept the nomination 😉

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