G is for Give Way

There are very few stop signs in the UK. More often junctions are regulated by the Give Way sign. This is the only sign that is an inverted triangle–the point at the bottom. This is because it is most important to know this sign, even when snow (or dirt and grime) obscure the words.  I believe this.  At many junctions it is not intuitive who has the right of way. We came very close to getting T-boned at such a junction where we were 1) unfamiliar with the road and 2) the Give Way sign was obscured by trees until we were almost at the junction. I yelled, “Give Way!!!” as I saw the lorry approach at high speeds from the left and my companion had the presence of mind to respond to my very first utterance of this phrase. (I don’t know why I didn’t yell, “STOP!”) It left us pretty shaken.

The triangular shape can also be painted in white on the road where the junction meets.

It’s so important, that on occasion, it is provided in duplicate…


photo courtesy of the Daily Mail




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9 Responses to G is for Give Way

  1. This is a great list for future use. We definitely could have used it a few years back 🛣

    • Gail says:

      Were you just visiting the UK? Not something for the faint of heart if you are not used to the left-hand drive

      • A year ago Easter. Had a car for our Wales leg of the trip. Returned the car to Heathrow and took the train into London for the remainder. Hubby drove but being a passenger was no picnic 😳

  2. aandj8804 says:

    Interesting in that it’s “give way” and not yield. That seems like such a European thing to say. I can’t imagine an American saying “give way”, we’d probably just say “stop!” haha. Glad everyone was ok and that you, eventually, saw the sign.

    I also love that there are two signs in that picture. Maybe it’s because people think they can ignore it and the government is like “you can’t not see this! We’ve got TWO signs out!” lol.

  3. Mars says:

    Such an important instruction, essential in this country!

    I grew up in the countryside and the Give Way signs on the lesser roads are critical to avoiding some very nasty accidents, the advice about looking more than once, especially for motorbikes is essential.

    Great pick for G!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    • Gail says:

      And sometimes if visibility is poor around corners, you must do the Creep and Peep thing, of inching out slooooowwwwly until you can see.

  4. Dahlia says:

    We have signs of give way in hilly areas which are more specific I.e give way to upward traffic… The exact wording escapes at the moment tho.

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