O is for Old People

Here they are referred to as Pensioners. As a “pensioner” myself, I couldn’t believe it when I drove by this sign for the first time:


Find this unfortunately placed sign and others published by Nick Watkins at http://www.sunmoters.co.uk/news/13-road-signs-thatll-make-you-laugh/

The Official DVSA Guide to Driving states, “Be patient around pensioners. They may take longer to cross the road. Don’t try to hurry them by revving your engine, honking or edging forwards…”

And it seems that my reaction is not an isolated one. An article in the Telegraph from a year ago by Saffron Alexander, states, “Since their introduction in 1981, the “elderly crossing” signs beside roads throughout the UK have been a source of controversy.

The sign, depicting two people hunched over as they attempt to cross the road, was the winning entry in a children’s contest almost 35 years ago and has been criticised for implying all elderly people need mobility aids or are disabled.

Critics have argued that the signs are unnecessary, and that those who listen to music or text as they walk are greater hazards than elderly people.

A new contest has produced some very entertaining alternatives. My favorite is the one by Oliviero Toscani. These dudes would certainly be in the pensioner age group by now!



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7 Responses to O is for Old People

  1. A J says:

    I’ve not seen this signage ever, although it reminds me of the school children crossing sign. But in reverse.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I can relate to a certain sense of offence about old folks since I’m considered in that category by some. I don’t think of myself that way and I do get impatient with slow older people sometimes who impede my ability to get somewhere more quickly, But then I remember that could be me someday and on some days it is me.

    In California we have the “Illegal Immigrant Crossing” signs that show a silhouetted couple crossing hand in hand with a child in tow. I’m amused by the signs while others find them offensive.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. Mars says:

    I like some of the joke old people crossing signs… on skateboards, was trying to find a pic for you but couldn’t!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

  4. Maybe a sign that says, SLOW DOWN – PEOPLE! Gosh, what an insult. Actually, I resemble that picture, LOL

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