Q is for Queen

This was going to be a post on Quiet Lanes, which are areas where people could be using the whole road for a range of activities, but I happened upon a more interesting subject, which is related to Quiet Lanes, in that the incident took place in Windsor Great Park, which should be a Quiet Lane, as no one but the Queen Herself is allowed to drive a car there.

It seems that recently a young couple was strolling across the path with their two small children, one in a pram, the other on an assisted trike, when a passing car swerved around them, onto the grass, then sped past. And on top of that, the driver didn’t even have a license to drive…Throw the book at her? Not a chance, for the impatient driver was the Queen Herself, who not only can drive wherever she wants, but is the only person in the realm who is allowed to drive without a license. But it was totally understandable…the Queen was late for church…

So, today Q is for Queen Elizabeth, Queen of the Road.


Photo by Kelvin Bruce via the Daily Mail at http:www.dailymail.co.uk

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5 Responses to Q is for Queen

  1. Dahlia says:

    Surely you are jo-king!

  2. Being Queen has it’s privileges, It’s no wonders she doesn’t want to give up the crown! Silly monarchy! 🙂

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