V is for Vehicle Watch Scheme

This one is actually quite “brilliant” [I love this British expression–I’m adopting it. The clerks in the stores always tell me I’m “brilliant” when I manage to give them the right change for my purchases…it’s quite the ego boost. Anyway, back to the topic…]

In the chapter entitled, Vehicle Security, I found this information:

Join a Vehicle Watch scheme, if there is one in your area (check with your local police station). This scheme reduces the risk of having your car stolen by displaying high-visibility stickers on the front and rear windscreens of your vehicle. There are two types of stickers:

Vehicle Watch: by displaying these you’re inviting the police to stop your vehicle if they see it in use between midnight and 5:00 am

25-plus: by displaying these you’re also inviting them to stop your vehicle at any time of day if it’s being driven by anyone apparently under 25 years of age.

I’d like to see some statistics on how effective this scheme is, as it seems to me it would be quite easy for any would-be thief to just peal off the stickers once he’d driven off around the corner…



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6 Responses to V is for Vehicle Watch Scheme

  1. Dahlia says:

    They are not quite so brilliant eh? 😉

  2. I have never heard of this scheme before – maybe no-one knowing what the stickers mean is the police’s way of making sure they aren’t peeled off – or maybe they’re just assuming that your average joyrider will be so involved in the stealing bit they won’t notice some stickers 😉
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  3. Devon & Cornwall Police run this scheme – and the stickers are NOT able to be peeled off! (Do you really not think they would have thought of that? Come on!!

  4. Sue Stafford says:

    only just heard about this scheme,but i will check it out with devon&cornwall police.

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