Y is for Young Drivers

young drivers  get a whole page in the Code book. It states that young drivers often are involved in incidents early in their driving careers. Having gone through four iterations of teen drivers among my own offspring, I can attest to this being true.

Some of the reasons for this are

  • Natural exuberance of youth
  • showing off to friends
  • competitive behavior
  • lack of experience/judgement
  • overconfidence
  • distractions (loud music, friends)

The countermeasure to these liabilities is another “scheme”– the Pass Plus scheme.  This is a course for new drivers who would like to improve their basic skills and widen their driving experience. “You may also receive reduced insurance premiums…”

As much as I feel like I’m a new driver (having to apply for a provisional license, with all its accompanying restrictions, and having to take the theory, perception and road test again), I think I can safely say I am not influenced by any of the above hazards that the young driver may experience. Thankful for being a “pensioner!”


A very young driver…”Hey! Eyes on the road, young lady!”


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3 Responses to Y is for Young Drivers

  1. Mars says:

    I think I was quite lucky when I passed my driving test as although young I’d had a motorbike for a while so already had insurance and a record (wtih no claims) and had been a named driver on my parent’s car.

    Atlhough thinking back it was actually another 6 years before I got my own car, so not as young as I could have been, and having had my licence at that point for 6 years on a car, but more with a bike helped a lot!

    Mars xx
    @TrollbeadBlog from
    Curling Stones for Lego People

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