I is for Investigator

I have been an investigator my whole life. I like the challenge of solving mysteries and finding truth. I guess that’s why I like to do puzzles and read detective books. Back as a pre-teen I had a detective company called Instant Investigations that was a partnership with my best friend. Later, as a teen in a new school, I made friends with a Mormon (I’d never heard of such a thing!) who invited me to investigate her religion. I did, and found it embodied the truths I had felt in my heart all along, but my own religious upbringing did not address.

But joining the LDS church wasn’t the end of the road for truth-seeking. Thus, as this A-Z challenge theme reveals, I continue to search for truth in all good things and incorporate what is worthy into my life and leave the chaff behind.





About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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7 Responses to I is for Investigator

  1. ipsyb says:

    I’m enjoying your take on the A to Z challenge. Interesting. I will be back for more! 🙂

  2. My mother always told me I missed my calling and should have been an investigator. I have always liked the challenge of figuring something out or finding information.

    Plucking Of My Heartstrings

  3. Maggie C says:

    I had a detective agency when I was a kid, too. I can’t remember my business name, but I’m sure it was probably something catchy. Most of my cases were finding “lost” items, and the perpetrators were usually my brothers.

    • Gail says:

      Awesome! I had no brothers, but did have one sister I teased mercilessly by not letting her into any of my “clubs.” (Also had a Spanish language club with my cousin.)

      • Maggie C says:

        My sister was always the head of our clubs. I seem to recall that her clubs always had dues that we were supposed to pay. Hmmm… [Note to self: find out what my sister did with all our allowance money.]

      • Gail says:

        Haha. Sounds like you had a great relationship

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