X is for (P90)X

My son started the P90X phase in our family, and he shared it with his sister. Once they both began talking about it, I got interested, figuring it was something I could do to be a part of their worlds.

P90X is not for wimps; but encouraged by my kids’ enthusiasm, I pushed through the three-month program. This is probably the most intense exercise program I have ever undertaken, right up there with training for my marathon. I faithfully followed the daily routines, experiencing only a minor difficulty when, in the last month we took a trip to London for 3 weeks. Our lodging was a second floor flat that was crowded with fussy furniture, allowing me only a small space for my hour-long routine. Not sure what the landlord, in the downstairs flat was thinking during all that jumping around on his ceiling…

Total investment: Time only. I already had some free-weights I could use; the kids let me use their videos.

I felt like I got quite a bit stronger as a result of that intense of workouts for a prolonged period, but I can’t see doing the full program again. I will do individual videos in the series as a part of my ongoing exercise, some of my favorites being the Ab-Ripper X, Kenpo, Yoga X and Plyometrics.


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