Z is for Zafu

As far as I can tell from my Journals, I started meditation back in early 2011. I was intrigued with all the benefits that could be derived from regular practice, not the least of which at the time was staving off alzheimer’s disease.

I read several books on meditation but more helpful than the ones on “how to” (Mindfulness in Plain English, by Henepola Gunaratana; Books by Deepak Chopka) were the ones by ordinary people who went into it as skeptics and came out believers. I especially liked 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story by Dan Harris. 

So I began meditating. I wanted to do it “right” of course, with the right mantra, breathing technique, body position, etc., and slowly worked up to 30-minute meditation sessions. The major problem I found was my very inflexible legs and the stiffness-to-the-point-of-pain trying to get out of position when I was done!

Then I discovered the Zafu! This wonderful, sturdy little pillow in just the right contour, size and firmness allowed me to meditate in the “right” position without agony. Now I can focus on my breathing, let my thoughts float away like little puffy clouds in the sky and come away refreshed and peaceful instead of in pain.

Total investment: $30.00

Totally worth it!


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2 Responses to Z is for Zafu

  1. I love meditation but don’t do it enough. That’s awesome that you have dedicated yourself to it.
    Have you tried The Honest Guys youtube page? It’s got some really excellent guided meditations.

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