E is for Eagles

I was a president of the women’s organization at church, and needed to replace one of my counselors, who had recently been assigned to another calling. I had two women in mind, but couldn’t decide which one was right. I needed to feel guidance from my Heavenly Father to be sure I made the right choice. These calls affect not only the women whom they serve, but the person IN the calling as well.

I took some time out of my day to ponder and pray; while doing so, I took a walk down a wooded trail near my home where I could count on being alone. I talked to Heavenly Father about my need for direct inspiration so I said I would wait for His confirmation. At this point I was praying/leaning towards one woman in particular. I told God how I felt she was compassionate and definitely an educator. I told Him I would read my scriptures when I got home, a usual method of inspiration for me, or as I was here in nature, He could reach me here…after all, the woman’s last name was “Eagles”…if I were to see an eagle…

Now we had lived here 2 years and I have taken this walk often in that time and I have never seen an eagle here before. But today I was looking up. I had started back when I saw, high in the sky, an eagle! He was pretty high up, but I could see him well enough to identify him as such. I thanked Heavenly Father, and then thought a moment and said, “You know, her name is a plural…Eagles…I know you can do all things…” If He could send one eagle, He could easily send another…

I had just come off the trail and was starting on the road to my house when up from behind the houses soared a second eagle. This time, he came low, within a few yards of me, and circled over my head, swooping so I could see his white tail feathers and lovely white head. Then he glided off into the trees. It was then that the tears came and I thanked Heavenly Father for giving me what I needed, and caring about this sister enough to allow me to be able to tell her that I knew that her call to serve was from God.



About Gail

Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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3 Responses to E is for Eagles

  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    All that is required is that we ask… then ‘listen’… YAM xx

  2. Richard says:

    Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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