F is for Flapjacks and Fortitude

[The following post is taken from my mission journal, while my husband and I were serving our couples mission in the UK from 2015-2016]

I’ve been trying to be disciplined in my diet, eating healthy and losing the “mission-20” that I gained soon after arrival. I am fine when there is nothing tempting in the house, but last night someone brought flapjacks to FHE [Family Home Evening–a program we put on in our home each Monday evening for the single servicemen and women in the UK, comprised of food, an inspirational thought and fellowship]…I must confess that I overindulged, and then felt the immediate consequences of that decision. That night I prayed for help in sticking to my resolve to limit sweets from my diet. Then I picked up the book Teachings of Thomas S. Monson [President of the LDS Church at the time] that a friend loaned us. I’m reading sequentially and was up to the letter C. The section next was Choice and Accountability! I read:

“No decision you make is minor or unimportant, for every decision has bearing upon our eternal welfare. I would urge you to stay close to the Lord. Call upon him for guidance and help in the choices that are placed before you.”

“When faced with…choices, how do we decide? Do we succumb to the promise of momentary pleasure? To our urges and passions? Our Heavenly Father has given us each the power to think and reason and decide. With such power, self-discipline becomes a necessity. You may ask, Are decisions really that important? I say to you, decisions determine destiny.”

I know that my Heavenly Father is aware of me and what I need. He hears and answers prayers.



These may appear to be innocuous, and in fact are actually quite a healthy snack….when taken in moderation! You can find an easy recipe here.


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10 Responses to F is for Flapjacks and Fortitude

  1. Anne Young says:

    When I think of flapjacks, I think of pancakes that are midsize – bigger than a pikelet and smaller than a full pancake. I googled and found that flapjacks can be the oat bars that you are writing about and also the pancakes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flapjack . Although I live in a Commonwealth country (Australia), I had not come across the term as referring to the oat bars before.
    I know I need to work on my fortitude!
    Anne fellow A to Z-er

    • Gail says:

      I had thought pancakes first as well so it was new to me. You would ld think the term would be common in Australia as well. Strange.

  2. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    …”No decision you make is minor or unimportant, for every decision has bearing upon our eternal welfare…” Karma! (“K” is on next Wednesday &*>) …”When faced with…choices, how do we decide?..” There are two words I am not using in my own series, but which address your post today; ‘shreyas’ is the path of good, making positive and soul-affirmative decisions, while ‘preyas’ is the path of desire, making decisions based upon our wants, likes, dislikes and is the path of least resistance. It takes discipline to follow the soul-affirming path on a consistent basis. It is the challenge of all true ‘spiritual travellers’!

    See – same but different &*
    Love and Blessings. YAM xx

  3. leannelc says:

    Why is it that everything that tastes absolutely delicious is loaded with fat and/or sugar? I’m working on sticking to predominantly healthy eating and then letting the occasional snack sneak in as a treat. I’m a smart person – I know it’s not good for me, but sometimes we’re allowed to have a treat or we’d be soooo boring!

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehiill.com.au
    Hang on to your Dreams

    • Gail says:

      Yea, I’ve migrated to salty for treats: pistachios, homemade sweet potato chips… I feel better mentally as well as physically when I don’t give in to the sugar dragon

  4. Molly Totoro says:

    I try to live by the motto “everything in moderation” … but I’m finding middle-aged middle does not necessarily abide by those same rules. I have a feeling I need to add more exercise to my daily dietary routine.

  5. Richard says:

    Sometimes we forget in the heat of the moment how decisions each day determine our destiny.

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