G is for Gorelston

We were witness to a tender mercy to our friends the White family, (names changed to protect privacy) who were in one of the wards [congregations] we attended in England. Brother White was deployed at the time and Sister White had taken her four kids to Gorleston beach with some other ward members. As they were about to head home after a fun day in the sun, she realized that her car keys (along with her house and church keys…) were missing. Everyone searched but to no avail–no keys. With so many ward members there, the family was able to get rides home but the van remained stranded at the coast until she could have her husband mail her his set of keys to the car. Then on Saturday, three days later, one of those ward members, Brother E., happened to be back in that same coastal town and checked in at the local police station. The keys had been found and turned in! He was able to drive the van to church the next day to return it to Sister White. My husband drove Sister White’s second vehicle home for her and I drove our car. It certainly was a miracle that the keys were found, that they were turned it to the police, and that Brother E. was there to claim them and drive the vehicle back to her.


[photo of Gorleston-on-Sea]

Psalms 145:9

The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. 




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6 Responses to G is for Gorelston

  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    I’ve been to Gorelson! School years were in Suffolk, so E.Anglia holds many memories. I have my phone number on my keys; I’m a bit ditzy these days so that’s the more immediate security necessary. YAM xx

  2. leannelc says:

    What a blessing to have those keys reappear and find their way back and for the van to be looked after. It looks like a lovely place.

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehiill.com.au
    Hang on to your Dreams

  3. Richard says:

    Amazing story. Both the person who found and turned in the keys and Brother E are great examples of how people can be such wonderful human beings!

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