M is for Master’s Degree

In 2002 I began a Masters in Library Science program. Contrary to what one might think, this did not just entail reading a bunch of books and memorizing the Dewey Decimal System!  I felt very inadequate at times as I went through the classes. Especially difficult for me was one particular technology class. We had an assignment that I could barely comprehend the question let alone write up a cogent paper on it. I prayed frequently over it and as I moved forward trying to do the work, I found I was actually writing something down…The suggested length was two pages, but after one page I couldn’t think of anything more to say and turned it in. It was graded 10/10 with glowing comments of “Excellent! Very concise wording!” The Holy Ghost not only enlightened my mind, but virtually wrote the paper for me. When I re-read what I had written, I barely understood what it said myself!

Not long after the above experience, my son called me, very stressed out about his classes at school. He wasn’t understanding the assignment. I testified to him of my similar experiences with my Masters program and not understanding the assignment, but after doing all I could do and then praying for help, I was able to finish the assignments and actually get good grades. I talked to him a few days later and he said he was working on it and did understand things better now after seeking the Lord’s help.

I learned several things from this–one, sometimes we have to go through things that seem difficult at the time, and we don’t understand why we have to endure them, but these things give us experience, and puts us in a position to be able to help others who are experiencing similar trials.

I also see this now as an example of OYM. In the mission field, the missionaries would go out on the street looking for someone, anyone, who might be interested in their message. It is a scary and difficult thing to approach strangers and ask if they might be interested in your message of salvation, but if you just open your mouth, the Lord promises to fill it. The missionaries would say, “We were out OYMing and found this wonderful lady who invited us in to teach her!” Doing my paper was like that. All I had to do was try–open my pen, so to speak, and the Lord did the rest.

syracuse university

Syracuse University, my Alma Mater


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18 Responses to M is for Master’s Degree

  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    Oh yes, I have direct experience of this! Trust and the words will come! YAM xx

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Cool–my step-daughter got her master’s at Syracuse. She went on to get her PHD at University of Texas at Austin and now she’s a professor at University of Houston.

    I was like you in writing a lot of my papers in college. Something happens and we end up with a work to turn in if we have been willing to focus on what we are doing. A lot of people just give up. I always had to finish and usually what I turned in turned out to be just fine. Thanks to God for His provision.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Gail says:

      Thank you for adding your testimony to mine! Hope you are enjoying this A-Z journey. Have found some very cool blogs this go’round

  3. sizzlesue15 says:

    Perhaps that was the same experience as I had trying to think of something to write for ‘K’ in the AtoZ Challenge, Gail. I’m not sure I consciously prayed but the idea popped into my head from no where – perhaps there was divine intervention. Have a great weekend xx

    • Gail says:

      I’m sure of it— your k post was awesome! ‘foster a sense of development and positive feelings about our life.’ Definitely is a thought from a divine source.

  4. Richard says:

    The Lord wants us to learn and grow. He is always looking for ways to bless our lives, and sometimes through us, the lives of others.

  5. Molly Totoro says:

    I have never heard the OYM expression before … but I find it quite fitting. I think far too much of what others think of me, and consequently, far too less of what Christ can do through me. I need to rely more on his power and wisdom and less on my own insufficient means. Thank you for this poignant reminder!

  6. I have a few friends who have gotten their Masters in Library Science. There is a lot to the program. Good luck with your degree. Weekends In Maine

  7. sukrisblog says:

    I guess when the time comes words flow smoothly and all falls in place

  8. Allison says:

    Oh my gosh I remember horrible papers about technology during my MLS, too! It’s SO HARD to write about and explain technology. My favorite technology class (if I HAVE to pick) was one where we just had to USE all the different presentation-type technologies. It’s much easier to make something using technology than explain it! But my REAL favorite classes were definitely the lit classes – I love reading and reviewing books and coming up with programs. I started a book blog for an MLS class, actually – http://www.howifeelaboutbooks.com

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