W is for Water on the Altar

We were trying to sell our home in Texas and move to Upstate New York where my parents and sister lived, and where we had already purchased an old farmhouse, build in the 1850s.

I was concerned that it may be hard to sell our house in Texas. The housing market for pre-owned homes there had dropped drastically. In our neighborhood alone there were at least 20 homes that had been on the market for months. As I was praying I told Heavenly Father about this worry and acknowledged that it would require His intervention to be able to sell our home. The thought then flashed into my mind about the story in 1 Kings 18 where Elijah demonstrated there is a God in Israel. He challenged the Priests of Baal to get their god to light the sacrificial fire. He gives them plenty of time to plead with Baal, but suggests Baal must be sleeping, as nothing happens. Then Elijah douses his altar with barrels of water three times, making it all the more miraculous when God did send down fire from Heaven, which fire not only consumed the offering, but also obliterated the priests of Baal and their altar. The message to me was that each house that goes on the market is another “barrel of water” on the altar and it would show just how miraculous it was when my house did sell.

That revelation to me was in July. By the following January, we still hadn’t sold, and we signed a four-month contract with an agent to sell the house. We put the sign out on Tuesday. The agent said we were asking at the high end of the price spectrum and that nothing moves much in January, etc. etc. but that story of Elijah and the Priests of Baal kept coming to my mind and I knew we would be able to sell for what we needed when the time was right.

When two more neighbors put their house on the market nearby, I thought, “two more barrels of water on the altar! Hooray!!” and continued to have faith.

After ANOTHER year had gone by, in March I got a book from the library’s NEW BOOK shelf called, How to Sell Your House in One Weekend. It outlined how to hold an auction to sell your home. I felt this was the answer and set about doing what the book said. 

Our auction during Spring Break that year was successful–we had only two phone calls, and about 10 visitors during the Open House, but two bidders brought the price up to what we needed. The highest bidder had cash and wanted us out immediately so within 9 days of the auction, we were out, and on our way to Upstate. By staying in Texas for that extended period, we were also able to accomplish things that we could only have done in that area, so the timing was truly right. With the market still saturated with homes for sale, this was no doubt a miracle that came to us in the Lord’s time. 


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5 Responses to W is for Water on the Altar

  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    Selling houses is such a lottery – everywhere in the world! I had also tried to sell my Sydney home in the mid ‘naughties’ but no-go. I got the message that I was not to sell until I was ready for something totally different… this was two years before my ‘revelation’ night. When it became clear to me that I had to take up the offer of going to India, I put the house on the market – it sold in three days!!! In moving to Higher Purpose, the ‘fire’ was lit… I love your analogy! YAM xx

    • Gail says:

      It was a testimony to me of the power in regular scripture study. If I hadn’t been familiar with that Old Testament story, God couldn’t have brought it to my mind as an answer to my concern.

  2. Allison says:

    An auction to sell your house?! What an innovative idea. I love that! I had help in buying my house, too. I looked at SO many in one day and didn’t really love any of them. That night, I couldn’t get one house out of my head. It was the plainest – hadn’t been staged or anything, and usually I love seeing HOW a house can look because it inspires me. But this one was totally empty. An old couple had lived in it their entire lives and they were gone now, and so were their things. I kept imagining what I could do in the empty space.

    I called my realtor the next day and told her which house I wanted to see again. Even she was surprised! “Why did you pick THAT one?” – her EXACT words! I put in an offer lower than what they wanted, and the counter-offered halfway between my bid and the asking price, but with NO repairs or maintenance! I didn’t put in another bid and let it go and spent the next 2 months not even looking at houses because it had been draining. Then the other realtor contacted mine and asked if I would like to bid again – apparently no one else had been looking into it and they just wanted to sell. I put in my initial low bid again even though everyone wanted me to accept the counter offer but demand repairs – and they accepted my low bid WITH repairs! It was meant to be, and it all worked out wonderfully, and I’ve lived here for 5 years now!

  3. Richard says:

    Faith promoting experience!

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