X is for Xtra strength

Matt is a young airman who joined the church while we were in England. He experienced several miracles in his conversion process, one of which I share here.  It was a few days after his baptism.  He had to do a test at work entailing difficult physical exertions for a promotion he was trying for. He tried to lift and carry a 100# hose and couldn’t budge it. He said a prayer for help and then was able to not only lift the hose, but carry it the requisite number of feet with ease to pass the test.

But physical strength is not all we can received from God’s help. Matt also received great spiritual strength when he needed it. He shared the following with me about two months after his baptism:

“Will [the LDS airman who befriended Matt and introduced him to the missionaries and the gospel] was my rock. When he was reassigned and left the area, I felt lost and wondered how I would go on. Could I be strong enough on my own? Then the sister missionaries invited me to teach them a lesson on the Priesthood. While I was preparing the lesson, I felt the Spirit, as strong as I had when I was around Will. Then I knew that I would be okay. I had been given the Gift of the Holy Ghost and I could be filled by that influence as I studied the Gospel and lived it myself. It was a great revelation to me to know that the Spirit was there for me.”


Ordinance of Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost

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  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari OM
    When we are ready, the Spirit will move! YAM xx

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