Z is for Zigzag

While we were on our mission in England we were constantly experiencing the Lord’s hand in our daily lives. This was often manifested in our scheduling of appointments wherein we relied on the Spirit to help us get to whomever we should be visiting and when. If we had a set appointment and happened to be running late, in the beginning we would stress and fret about it; but soon we learned that God was in charge and everything would work out for the best. When we didn’t have an appointment, we would see His hand in what we called Divine Rendezvous, where we would find ourselves in the right place at the right time to run across someone who needed our help or whom we were trying to visit and hadn’t had any success.

One day early on, we had an appointment with a women for a first visit.  We hadn’t realizing how far away it was from where we were, and the Garmin was messing us up again (the Garmin we learned, was a key component of Divine Rendezvous–its quirkiness and erroneous directions often was exactly what we needed to get on the right course). This time it took us down a country lane that went under the A11 and then instructed us to “get on the A11” when there was no on-ramp there. This forced us to meander through rural byways, zigzagging back to where we could get on the main road causing us to be 25 minutes late to our appointment. This was, of course, extremely stressful for someone who really likes to be on time for everything, but I kept thinking (and praying) that it would work out well in the end. I texted her that we were running 25 minutes late but I had no signal and it didn’t go through so I called and left a voice message. When we arrived she welcomed us in and didn’t say anything about our lateness. We had a great visit with her, and realized this was a family we needed to come back to on a regular basis.

When we got home and were able to access our messages again I saw that there was a text from her that she had sent out during our zigzag course through the countryside, cancelling our appointment. Because of no phone service, we didn’t get it in time, and had proceeded to the appointment anyway, albeit a bit late. I texted back saying I’d just seen her text cancelling and hoped we hadn’t inconvenienced her. She responded, “No, it’s fine…it actually worked out perfectly. I had been running late and knew I wouldn’t be back in time for our visit, but I arrived a few minutes before you did!”

I explained to her what a Divine Rendezvous is, and that our not getting her text combined with us running late was all part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us to meet. I testified to her that He is watching over her. We all just need to learn to trust in Him more perfectly and patiently.



Faith comes not from a one in a million experience but a million and one every day actions.

Choose to believe, then miracles come.

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Genealogist, librarian, writer, traveler, Mormon
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4 Responses to Z is for Zigzag

  1. Yamini Ali MacLean says:

    Hari Om
    They do, in many small ways.
    I have greatly enjoyed our dialogue throughout A-Z, Gail. I have added your blog to the roll on my Wild YAM Blogger platform and will drop by from time to time to keep in touch! Posts on the matter of spirit and philosophy are predominantly on Aatmaavrajanam though, should you be interested in continued comparison reading. (yamsadhana.blogspot.co.uk). Wishing farewell to April!
    Blessings, YAM xx

  2. jerralea says:

    I’ve always said being in ministry requires flexibility and your story is a lovely example! How wonderful when we can just leave it all in God’s hands knowing it is all going to work out in His timing!

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