This is a great article I found in the Sydney Morning Herald. When the Wall came down, our family was stationed with the US military in Heidelberg, Germany. Our son’s boy scout troop had a pre-planned trip to Berlin that weekend and we were present when they lifted Checkpoint Charlie up and away. We each took a sledgehammer and participated in tearing down the Wall. When we walked into the East, it was very eerie. The streets and houses all had a grey feel to them. As West Germans and visitors strolled down the streets, the East Germans remained in their homes, peeking behind their curtains. They were scared and mistrustful. It was a very surreal experience, but one I am so grateful to have experienced.

This experience sparked in me an interest in the Berlin Wall and that period referred to as the Cold War when the City of Berlin was divided. My soon-to-be-published story entitled, Escape in 3 Movements is the result of that interest.




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3 Responses to We were there when…the Wall came down

  1. relbbircs says:

    Interesting. What an amazing experience that must have been!
    I wonder how I would handle hardships that so many have experienced.

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