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Special moments with those I love–both here and departed!

K is for Kickdown

kickdown is a way of achieving quick acceleration when needed by sharply pressing the accelerator pedal right down causing a quick change down to the next lower gear. To return to the higher gear, ease the pressure off the accelerator pedal. This … Continue reading


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Day in the life

  Today we started with no appointments, and no plan, so sat down together and prayerfully started making a few phone calls. This is how things shaped up: Visit to Sister A (who is due with #4 in two weeks). … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Best Things About Being Married

A few days ago as we were driving the Sister Missionaries to an appointment, one of them (out of the blue) asked, “What is the best thing about being married?” Now that is a question to ponder! Which I have … Continue reading

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Glorious Reunion

I was reading the latest issue of the Ensign Magazine and this article by Susan L. and C. Terry Warner was so wonderfully full of synchronicities and Divine Rendezvous that I had to add it here. Enjoy! Click to access … Continue reading

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Settling in

So, now that we’ve been here for a month, here’s a little recap of adjusting to Life In England: Federdecken: We arrived to a completely furnished home, but one thing that was lacking was our bedding of choice–federdecken. We tried for … Continue reading

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Writing Update

My writing goal, to be finished by July 3rd (before we left on our LDS Mission), was to complete my personal history. I am happy to report that not only did I finish writing, but I am almost finished with … Continue reading

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Zuzu’s petals (or the past returns)

While we were living in Brussels, Belgium, my younger sister came for a visit. She was in college and taking a break to visit us and our new baby. In church one Sunday she met a young returned missionary* who … Continue reading

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Yankee Frugality

  We had a catered meal at work and the caterer left a mound of butter, which I confiscated and put in our staff refrigerator for later use. Soon after, I found it dumped in the organics recycle bin. I … Continue reading

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X-file (Unexplained phenomena)

  (Dream & Reality) [The dream part] My Honey and I and our young daughter were on a Triumph motorcycle. Our progress was slowed because our daughter kept getting off the motorcycle to pick up bunnies along the road. Suddenly, we … Continue reading

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Word Mix-up, or crossed words at a tollbooth

  We moved across the country, traveling in two vehicles. We had a goal to give out 10 copies of the Book of Mormon along our route. It was my Honey’s turn…At a toll booth, along with the toll he handed the lady … Continue reading

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