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Looking on the bright side

Just for fun…

Came across these signs and had to share, so today is Just for fun. Catch the irony of the first one, below? It’s next to a woman who is doing the very thing warned against.  

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  My Honey’s life has always been much more stressful than mine, whether it was his military career vs. my stay-at-home-mom world, or our most recent jobs working for a library system–he in HR and me as a library manager (“Oh! … Continue reading

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Apple Pie

Welcome to Day 1 of the A-Z Challenge! My theme is “Meditations, Memories and Musings“, mostly autobiographical, sometimes futuristic. Hope you enjoy your visit!   Sickness during the holidays sharply curtailed our celebrations and my son-in-law did not receive his one culinary request: … Continue reading

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10 Things of Thankful #85

Not MY #85, but joining in at Considerings for the 10 Things of Thankful feature. Here’s my offering: 1. Good wishes from co-workers during a stressful time. 2. Yummy vegetable soup for lunch, made by a friend who happens to … Continue reading

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10 Things of Thankful

I’m thankful… 1. I didn’t die on the highway when I fell asleep on my hour-long commute. Woke up in time to see I was veering across the lane and was able to correct before any major damage. 2. For … Continue reading

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O is for Obituary

Family Search has declared 2014 the Year of the Obituary! Follow the link for videos, blog posts and other useful information on getting the most from obituaries. [This is also a plug asking for volunteers to do indexing on these obituaries … Continue reading

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10 Thankful Things

I’m thankful this week for all the wonderful things I’ve learned from fellow bloggers! 1. The meaning of many British colloquialisms that have addled my brain for some time, from Tizzy over at Creative Therapy. like Treacle, and Tippex and Stroppy… … Continue reading

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It Just So Happened

Originally posted on From the Inside Out:
“I just got a call from Mary, “ Frieda began.  “And you are not going to believe this.” Frieda was the chairperson for the parsonage committee of our church.  The congregation had just…

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Thankful for 10 Things

1. Workday walk to the post office got me out in the scarce sunshine. Energized! 2. Smell of fresh-cut grass; another sign of Spring! 3. Flowers blooming! Extraordinary purple heather. 4. Success in hiring a new employee. 5. Uplifting visit … Continue reading

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Seven of Sundays

The week in (thankful) review: O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. (Psalms 136:1) Had lovely and heartfelt conversations will all four of my children this week. (Yes, texting counts!) Mini family … Continue reading

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