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D is for DoTerra

I was sitting in a church meeting one Sunday about three years ago, suffering with some ailment, I can’t remember what, when the woman sitting next to me said, “There’s an oil for that…” Thus my introduction to DoTerra Essential … Continue reading

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C is for Cleanse

I read something about Candida and of course (hypochondriacally) I knew I had it. Without sharing too much info, I had many of the symptoms. I found a Facebook group (Kickin’ Candida Cleanse) which was affiliated with DoTerra (see D … Continue reading

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House on fire!

Quick! The house is on fire! Grab…. This is a great wake-up call and reminder to re-assess our emergency grab bag. We each have a backpack filled with 72-hr emergency supplies, including a change of clothes, MREs (Meals-Ready-T0-Eat, in military lingo), … Continue reading

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Good Day, Sunshine!

Thanks, Irene A Waters for my Sunshine Award nomination! Irene sees life’s glass as more than half-full, and writes heart-warming prose. I dare you to read Sammy saves the Day without being uplifted.  I am honored, and have taken a … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and stomach)

I love smoothies! veggie, fruity, wholesome, healthy, homemade smoothies. I went to Jamba Juice today and got a smoothie, and did not enjoy it as much as the ones I produce in my own Vitamix. I feel like I am … Continue reading

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I’ve been searching for over a year for a marathon to run. I’ve done one half-marathon and several 5ks but this would be my first 26.2 and I had a lot of criteria. That criteria has changed over the past … Continue reading

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More amazing oils at work

Towards the end of my hike last night at Tolmie State Park, I brushed up against a stinging nettle bush and almost immediately my arm looked like this. By the time I got home and the welts were huge and felt … Continue reading

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Healthy & Happy

5 Things that make me happy:  (Almost) no plantar faciitis pain. P90X training (specifically, wall-squats) that have come in handy lately having to access several public restrooms. Nice weather -> Rich on his motorcycle -> I’m drive solo to work … Continue reading

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