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Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; a fortunate mistake. Specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

P is for Purple Shirts

The following is taken from an email I received from one of my former seminary students who recently returned from her mission to Canada. It is not only an example of how God hears and answers our prayers, but that … Continue reading

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Six Degrees

Had a Synchronicity of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” variety this week… As we arrived at the Ward fundraiser dinner, we didn’t see any of the military families we wanted to visit with, so sat next to a British … Continue reading

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Yankee Ingenuity

I wanted to check out the little artsy knick-knack store down the road for a table-top Christmas tree, as the large one in the shed out back is too big to fit anywhere in this house; I can’t imagine where our … Continue reading

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Synchronized Reading

  I was in the library reading “Big Stone Gap” by Adriana Trigiani in preparation for a book talk I was going to present. In the story the protagonist recounts the history behind their town. Seems it was famous for … Continue reading

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Instant Investigations

When I was in elementary school I had a detective agency with my best friend, Sara.  We roamed around our small town solving “crimes” and basically sticking our noses into other people’s business. I lost track of Sara when we went … Continue reading

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N is for Newspapers

  Newspapers are not only great for finding obituaries, but sometimes you can find items of interest that will flesh out the lives of your ancestors. I only have paid subscriptions to a couple genealogy services, and is one … Continue reading

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10 Thankful Things

I’m thankful this week for all the wonderful things I’ve learned from fellow bloggers! 1. The meaning of many British colloquialisms that have addled my brain for some time, from Tizzy over at Creative Therapy. like Treacle, and Tippex and Stroppy… … Continue reading


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It Just So Happened

Originally posted on From the Inside Out:
“I just got a call from Mary, “ Frieda began.  “And you are not going to believe this.” Frieda was the chairperson for the parsonage committee of our church.  The congregation had just…

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A week of tender mercies

“I wrote down a few lines every day for years. Before I would write, I would ponder this question: ‘Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch our  family today?’ As I kept at it, something began to happen.  As I would cast my mind over the day, I would see evidence of what God had done for one of our family members that I had not recognized in the busy moments of the day.  As that happened, I realized that trying to remember had allowed God to show me what He had done. “More than gratitude    began to grow in my heart; testimony grew. I  became ever more certain that our Heavenly Father hears and answers  prayers. I felt more gratitude for the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ. I grew more confident that the Holy Ghost can bring all things to our remembrance—even things we did not notice or pay attention to when they happened.” (“O Remember, Remember,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2007,67). In the spirit of Pres. Eyring’s example, and the example of Vernette’s Seven for … Continue reading

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Austen for Infants

A lovely serendipitous find–we are short-staffed here at the library so I was out in the stacks shelving and came upon this marvel! Pride & Prejudice in a board book! Sweetly sums up the entire story in a dozen pages, … Continue reading

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