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The Norfolk Way

Went to the farm stand this morning for some garlic for pesto and saw this lovely stalk of Brussel sprouts. The vendor told me this is the “Norfolk Way”: they get the whole stalk and set it outside. It lasts … Continue reading

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Things that make me…

…ponder Every day as we head out in the car, there will be a new spider web attached to both side mirrors. No matter if you wipe them off or flush them out with the hose, there are two new webs the … Continue reading

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Obliviously Awesome

Staff Potluck today–I brought the chips. They were on sale at Costco. I noticed they were on sale, Gluten Free, and All Natural White Corn (never buy yellow corn, it’s almost always GMO unless specifically stated organic…) though I was … Continue reading


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All dressed up and nowhere to go (yet)

There’s nothing like new warm-weather running gear to provide motivation to get out and run in the chilly, damp Northwest. I knew my outfit was cool, so I put forth the extra umph to my run so I’d look cool … Continue reading

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