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A Special Kind of Missionary…

We got a call to help a sister whose husband is away. She needed to attend Ward Council and had no one to watch her children while she was gone. We readily agreed and arrived with all the materials for … Continue reading

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Kids–What we (still) do for them…

  Saturday before Christmas, I’m in line at the post office. Forty minutes later, as I walk out the door, my daughter calls me: “Are you still in line? Can I drop off a package for you to mail for … Continue reading

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Just Like Mothers

  I had been worrying about my youngest daughter living away from home and making some unwise dating choices. I’d been praying for her, but hadn’t received any real comfort from any of my prayers. Then in church one Sunday the … Continue reading

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B is for Birth Certificate

   One of the best primary sources for genealogical research is the birth certificate. The reason this is one of the best is because it contains information usually provided by a person who was actually there at the time of … Continue reading

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Austen for Infants

A lovely serendipitous find–we are short-staffed here at the library so I was out in the stacks shelving and came upon this marvel! Pride & Prejudice in a board book! Sweetly sums up the entire story in a dozen pages, … Continue reading

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My 5-year-old grandson was a bit upset this morning when he learned his mom hadn’t saved some of his dad’s smoothie for him for breakfast. When they got to my house for a visit, I put some of my smoothie … Continue reading

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Your family is the people who are there for you. They support you, comfort you, give you a shoulder to lean on. They cheer you on and welcome you home. This is a photo taken a few moments after I … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

My children and grandchildren are a great source of my joy.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

“Toys?? What are toys?” Who needs toys when you have One box and One very creative child! http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/photo-challenge-one/

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A Natural Pairing

I really believe that the more you look for synchronicities, the more you find…as you can tell from my more frequent posts lately; it’s everywhere!! This morning in seminary my class president was late in arriving so I chose a random … Continue reading

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