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A Special Kind of Missionary…

We got a call to help a sister whose husband is away. She needed to attend Ward Council and had no one to watch her children while she was gone. We readily agreed and arrived with all the materials for … Continue reading

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Yankee Ingenuity

I wanted to check out the little artsy knick-knack store down the road for a table-top Christmas tree, as the large one in the shed out back is too big to fit anywhere in this house; I can’t imagine where our … Continue reading

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Just Like Mothers

  I had been worrying about my youngest daughter living away from home and making some unwise dating choices. I’d been praying for her, but hadn’t received any real comfort from any of my prayers. Then in church one Sunday the … Continue reading

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O is for Obituary

Family Search has declared 2014 the Year of the Obituary! Follow the link for videos, blog posts and other useful information on getting the most from obituaries. [This is also a plug asking for volunteers to do indexing on these obituaries … Continue reading

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DP Challenge: Ghosts of Christmas Past

As I looked back on what I did last year on this day, I wrote: “had a yummy dinner of pork loins and butternut squash. I didn’t eat any sweets today!” The theme here is “Mindfulness.” Today, before looking back to … Continue reading

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Joy to the World

This weekend I found myself in a quiet, beautiful place, and was there for quite awhile with no one around, so I decided to take advantage of the circumstances and meditate. I focused on a swirl in the marble baseboard … Continue reading

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Haiku Challenge #5

Holiday Haiku 5   #5 Amidst the laughter Noise and fun—hear the message: Christ has come, rejoice!

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Haiku Challenge #3

Holiday Haiku #3 Winter night, skate pond; Hot cocoa may warm cold hands– Friendship warms our hearts. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/challenge-haiku/

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Haiku Challenge 2

Holiday Haiku #2 #2 A Christmas wish list: “Peace on earth good will to men” It can start with me.

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Haiku Challenge

Holiday Haikus  #1 Sleigh bells ring-a-ling– Ringer stands beside the pot: “Can you spare a dime?”

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