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TRI retrospective

I got into the Triathlon last year at Joella Peterson’s encouragement. We trained together all year, starting in January 2011! It really strengthened our friendship and was great fun. When I started, I didn’t even know HOW to swim freestyle. … Continue reading

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I am a child of God

Renee got baptized this morning. Rachel asked me to only do 2 things (well, not including bringing ice, my crockpot, stopping for toothpicks and rice, and coming early enough to take pictures…those are little things): play the closing song (see … Continue reading

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I’m on Mormon.org!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

“Are you doing anything special for your birthday tonight?” “Well, I have 4 visiting teaching appointments, so….that’s special!” Although I initially said this tongue-in-cheek, it turned out to be quite prophetic. This was a new route with a new (“greenie”) … Continue reading

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Word Power

Reading the D&C, I’ve been pondering that words (God’s, anyway but I think ours too sometimes) can be “quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword.”  Words can hurt, incite, heal, nurture, and enlighten. Some powerful words: “God the Father … Continue reading

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