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Weekly Writing Challenge: 50 words of Chagrin

  Turning to the man behind me I* said, “You can order; I haven’t decided.” “Mac’n fries,” He told the cashier. “Sounds good, I’ll have the same.” A tray arrived with fries, which I began sampling. “You through?”  He asked. “Just need my Big … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Perspective

Took this photo on my walk last evening. You can see the sky is beginning to darken, as the sun goes down…or is that the sky?? With a more distant perspective, you can see that the scene is mirrored in … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

My best dream was short as well as sweet. It was a few months after my father passed away. I dreamed I saw him, dressed in white and smiling. He spoke to me and assured me he was ok, and … Continue reading

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The Big 1-2

It all started when I went to a fair and got my fortune from a gypsy fortune-telling machine for a quarter. The fortune said, “The onyx stone is your lucky stone.” So, I had to have one! I badgered my parents … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Two Windows (and a poem)

This is a photo of an oil painting I did of a window in the San Cristobal Main Plaza, Chiapas, Mexico. Peek-a-boo! The View Windows let in light, yet keep out cold; Illuminate my world & gladden my soul. I … Continue reading

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