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House on fire!

Quick! The house is on fire! Grab…. This is a great wake-up call and reminder to re-assess our emergency grab bag. We each have a backpack filled with 72-hr emergency supplies, including a change of clothes, MREs (Meals-Ready-T0-Eat, in military lingo), … Continue reading


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Lexicography–Secret Names

The Daily Prompt was an easy one for me today. Our family makes up words–names, actually–for each member of our family. It started when my husband was a child. His father made up “secret names” for each of the 6 … Continue reading

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Believe it or not

Three Things I believe 1. I believe families are forever. The relationships we make in this life were meant to endure throughout the eternities. 2. I believe we are all God’s children, made in His image. That makes us all … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge: Golden Years

Write…a synopsis of your memoir. What are some significant milestones in your life? Which age was the best, and which was the worst? For this challenge, I was reminded of a book I ran across called, “Not Quite What I … Continue reading

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Three Haikus

The WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge revisits the theme of three with the assignment to write a post using three photographs for inspiration. I was mulling this over at the same time I was mulling the prospects of getting out for … Continue reading

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Becán is a Mayan fortified city which is now a ruin. Its unique attributes of a deep moat with high earthwork walls and tall towers match the descriptions of fortifications built by Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon.  My early-morning religion … Continue reading

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Three gets you there

Saturday we went to the HOCM (Hands On Children’s Museum) with two of my daughters and their families (=8 grandchildren!!) http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/weekly-photo-challenge-threes/

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Fun is not the word I’d use…

The WP Daily Prompt today is “fun” but the explanation stated: Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. This morning I had just been contemplating divesting myself of some of my obligations and duties, as … Continue reading

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This means YOU!

Well, for the Weekly Photo Challenge 3-picture-story, these may not be the most visually exciting trio, but they do tell a story… We were having issues with patrons ducking into the bathrooms as we announced we were closed and then … Continue reading

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See for yourself(ie): I don’t mind!

My daughter had been texting me all morning while I was at work and she was out-and-about running errands. She’d stopped by and picked up a few items I had for her earlier and now wanted to go back and … Continue reading

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