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Theme Reveal: How I know

I recently read Dan Brown’s latest book, Origin, which discusses the two Big Questions, Where did we come from? and, Where are we going? It pits Creationism against Science, giving voice to much of the atheistic viewpoint that our existence … Continue reading

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Jesus is better than a Superbowl Ring

I was cheering for the Seahawks anyway, but these guys just went way up a notch in my estimation. You often see celebrities take advantage of their position and visibility to hawk (hmmm…no pun intended…) various wares or push pet … Continue reading

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Be still

I was reviewing my past journal entries, looking for an example of receiving answers or comfort from the scriptures to share with my morning class and found this entry from back in March of 2011. My husband and I were glued … Continue reading

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Ask and ye shall receive

My first opportunity today to see the extended 10-day forecast covering New Year’s Day. It reminded me of when I received Divine assistance in selling my house in Texas. There was no doubt that it was with His help. After … Continue reading

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