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K is for Kettlebells

In 2014 I heard about the benefits of weight training with Kettlebells. Picked up a set which also contained a nice DVD so I was able to learn all the correct moves. I like the easy accessibility of the kettlebells, their … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Beginnings

Downloaded Mango to my phone to begin my study of German. “Guten Tag!”

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My NikeBand quit a couple weeks ago, and the two weeks without it have seemed somehow freeing, as though I had some restriction removed. I wasn’t concerned about how many “fuel points” I was burning throughout the day and I … Continue reading

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Too much synchronicity

Only worked 1/2 day today so I could get to the Lodge to see Hahn Bin perform. I had put my gym stuff in the car in the morning, thinking I’d already be at the lodge at 4 and it … Continue reading

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1:38 at 56

The day after I turned 56 I competed in my first triathlon. The swim was the hardest–I had a hard time regulating my breathing, even though I trained the most on the swim. At the last minute, I switched to … Continue reading

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